So far what I've heard is great! It looks like ClassroomAmerica is the place to go if I want to discuss private supplemental instructor for me or my son or daughter. But where is ClassroomAmerica located?

Well you may have noted that the rate of pay per hour with ClassroomAmerica is $50 per hour. The only way that this rate can be so low is if there is no office overhead for this firm. That's right. ClassroomAmerica consists of its founders and independent contractors; therefore, the business exists wherever its independently contracted educators live, which at this point includes north and central New Jersey, but that might change, as ClassroomAmerica acquires a new client per week.

The mission of ClassroomAmerica Tutoring is to extend the opportunity for private supplemental education to people who previously have felt they can't afford it; by doing so we need to charge less and are proud to do so. We can only charge this little because his firm is home-based. Appearances aren't the foremost priority of ClassroomAmerica Tutoring; results are! Company founder Michael Walters is an educator first, and unless a tutor agrees to follow that tenet, he or she is not part of ClassroomAmerica Tutoring.

Here are ClassroomAmerica's mailing addresses:

66 Witherspoon St., Suite #230
Princeton, NJ 08540
145 Harrison Ave. #202
Jersey City, NJ 07304

Professor's E-mail: success@classroomamerica.com.
Professor's phone: 1-888-2YOUR-SUCCESS (1-888-296-8778)

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Michael Walters
Founder, ClassroomAmerica Tutoring