(Formerly Professor's Educational Services)
Now a division of ClassroomAmerica

ClassroomAmerica Tutoring Services is revolutionary in that it offers the first hour free of charge to each and every prospective tutoring client or group. Its independently contracted educators are all instructed to indicate if they can't help a prospective client. They do this in a FREE FIRST HOUR!

They are educators first.

With only two advertisements in newspapers since it began in September of 03, the testimonials given by its clients and parents appear below.

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You may wonder why you haven't heard much about the tutoring offered by either Professor's Educational Services or Classroom America Tutoring, and the reason for this is that larger firms advertise and have great office space, but then their rates are higher, because the clients are paying for advertising, the building, and full-time employment expenses. Not only is the $50 per hour rate low with Classroom America tutoring, but you are getting something for absolutely nothing! We'll repeat it because it's so rare: THE FIRST HOUR IS ABSOLUTELY FREE; WHETHER YOU DECIDE TO CONTINUE AFTER THAT IS YOUR DECISION ENTIRELY! [Click here if you're interested in group rates!] The tutoring will take place at a location convenient to both tutor and client, according to client needs. We work to fulfill each student's individual needs.

Now accepting Mastercard and Visa.

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The form linked to below gives you the opportunity to take advantage of Classroom America Tutoring Services, which is headquartered out of our Jersey City office. To obtain it, print this page, and mail it to the address listed below. You could also E-mail us at or call 1-888-2YOURSUCCESS (1-888-296-8778), to request a free consultation with any of our educators or if you have any questions. Again, we remind you that we will not charge you a penny until you have seen what you will be getting.

Thank you for your time. My educators and I look forward to meeting with you for free consultations.


Michael Walters
Founder, Professor's Educational Services
Co-founder, ClassroomAmerica

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