"Florence is learning a lot working with Betty."
Marianne Kozlowski, Morris Township, NJ.

"Michael, (The Professor) Thank you so much for spending time with Kristen and me. You uncovered some tough facts to her -- she needed to hear."
Theresa Ryan, Florham Park, NJ.

"He (Bryant) has nice lesson plans,"
Don Jackson, Bridgewater, NJ.

We will contact Toni to set up appointments for next Tuesday and Wednesday. As I said before, Toni's demeanor and professionalism was top notch for a person of her age. She helped Jillian get through her work at a good pace. I was very pleased with Jill's feedback.

Thanks...we will be in touch."
Lynn Keller, Morristown, NJ.

"She [Francine] is a great teacher."
Christina Vaquez, North Brunswick

"I improved in math, literature, and many subjects. I'm on the honor roll. I used to be failing.When you (The Professor -- Michael Walters) came, I started improving."
Nathaly Aguiar, North Brunswick

"[Nathaly's sister Jennifer] has improved in reading and writing. She has no problems now."
Galinda Aguiar, North Brunswick

"It's a miracle. Jillian passed the final and the course! Thank you so much for Toni."
Lynn Keller, Morristown, NJ

"I am happy he will be doing two hours a week. Tristan is great!"
Lizbeth Gallo, Red Bank, NJ

"My daughter is very happy with Tristan."
Nick Heilmann, South Plainfield, NJ

"Dear Mr. Walters:

I want to thank you for the excellent work you are doing to help children in need.
There has been a great improvement with my child since I signed him up for extra studies with your organization. I am really impressed and would not hesitate to refer you to another parent.
I will not be needing your services after next week because I want to give my son a break for the summer and probably resume after the summer.
Thank you for a job well done."

Prisca Amuchienwa, Jersey City, NJ

My son has benefitted already from Ivy's tutoring. He got a 90 on a quiz. that has never happened. I want him to meet with her until the course is over.

When you came along, you were a blessing.
Henry Dixon, Jersey City, NJ